Friday, March 28, 2008

Turn off the lights

Nope, that subject is not a reference to that bad Nellie Furtado song from a few years back. I have no interest in bringing that or her awful like a bird song back from well-deserved obscurity.

You, yes YOU, should be turning off all lights tomorrow from 8pm-9pm, your local time.

Our lights will definitely be off, though really because we won't be there. We're going to see a show in an effort to reconnect with our artsy, creative sides. I wonder if we can convince the Company to perform by candlelight...

In other news, Milo got a new toy for Easter.

His name is Charlie the monkey.

Milo does not know what life was like before Charlie came into his world.

He really only has eyes for him.

And he looks funny with a laundry basket on his head, too.


Jenn Sutter said...

Ahh...Milo looks so cute with his toy! I'm glad that he likes it!

Anonymous said...

Kristin, Don't you be putting poor Milo under a laundry basket! It does look like he likes his new toy. Also, help!!! - on Jenn's new blog she doesn't have an anonymous option for leaving comments - now what do I do?