Thursday, February 28, 2008

Customer Service Addiction

I have a new addiction.

The address is

I blame Andy for opening my eyes to an entire population of Comcast/Verizon/Wal*Mart/insert-giant-corporation-here haters who found a way to fight back against Chase "Customer Service Rep #4369" who told me that since I opened my bank account in Ohio and now live in Illinois, there's nothing she can do for me unless I physically drive to Ohio for help or close my account and reopen it across state lines.

Customer service ineptitude is really something that brings people together. If you're searching for a conversation starter at your next party, just mention the time Comcast sent you two bills for one month or kept you waiting for a service appointment ALL DAY and never showed up because they canceled it and forgot to tell you. Or maybe mention when your wallet got stolen and the credit card customer service rep repeatedly asked you for your card number after you already explained that you didn't have it since it was STOLEN.

Strangers really band together when faced with a common enemy.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tea Inspirations

I've been drinking a lot of green tea of late. I've never been the $4 latte a day kind of person, so I generally buy whatever's on sale at my local Jewel or Trader Joe's. The past two shopping trips have been especially fruitful since one of my favorite teas, Yogi Tea, has been buy one, get one.

Yogi Teas are all new wavey, henna-design-packages, and chakra this and that. That's not the appeal. They taste good (at least the Green Tea Energy does), but I love that each tea bag has some sort of affirmation on it. I like to announce what my tea is telling me to coworkers and they generally enjoy it as well (no one has punched me in the face for it or anything). The name of this blog, for the time being, anyway, came from a tea bag telling me:

"You are unlimited."

And you know what? I kind of am.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar Party Prep

Preparing for our first Oscar Party by playing Guitar Hero with Andy. I've graduated to playing on medium, but am still a couple all-nighter sessions away from blowing Andy away in the manner I'd like. I'll spring my GH3 skillz on him like a ninja.

For anyone who doesn't have Guitar Hero III, don't get it. That way when we eventually play, I'll kick the crap out of you.

Still have to prep the taco bar, bacon-wrapped jalapeƱos and cupcakes for my lucky guests because nothing says celebrity and glamour like Mexican food.

**Update** I won the Oscar pool AGAIN this year. Who knew I had this uncanny and completely useless talent? Next year: Vegas.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Blog


I hate it... even in cyberspace.

A change of scenery usually comes complete with a free gift of renewed creativity. Fingers crossed!

Here's a photo of my dog to make you laugh.

He's such a camera whore.