Friday, May 22, 2009

Who, me?

Today I realized an extremely strange phenomenon surrounding my position at work.

I am apparently the go-to person for sage athletic and sports information.

Granted, this shouldn't be seen as much of a victory since two years ago, our United Nations of a production team figured our rise in sales for an especially popular party food was from the Martin Luther King holiday and not, in fact, from the football playoffs (which that year included Chicago and Indianapolis, two of our strongest markets). I quickly warned them about the Super Bowl, and after creating a sports calendar for them, figured my job was done.

I often get comments on the Bengals calendar hanging over my desk and the picture of my cousin with Chad Johnson pinned to my cube wall. Still, I hadn't realized I'd become the "sports girl" until today when a salesman asked me if I followed hockey.

I don't.

But I do live with Andy who likes to watch playoff hockey on t.v. and Reds baseball on the laptop simultaneously. I thought the sales guy wanted to chat about Chicago's 2 game deficit to Detroit, but he only needed an update on Detroit's standing so he could include it as a personal touch in an email to a client who's a Red Wings fan.

In an office of more than 300, how I became the sports aficionado is as perplexing to me as Tara Reid's celebrity.

With the uncertain economy, I should be glad I've found a way to differentiate myself, I guess. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a date with


Katie said...

That cousin with Chad Johnson is ME!!!! woot woot! Can I get a WHO-DEY!

Kristin said...

Yes it is, and yes you can!


calencoriel said...

Seriously? They thought your increase in sales of party food was due to MLK Day? I mean, I love the man's work, but...