Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Yeah, so I've finally downloaded all my photos, but rather than post all 8,000, I've decided to edit myself before the curtain comes back.

You know how the first few days of a vacation, you're drunk with the freedom of no work and will take some photos you might not be so proud of later. (In my case, craning and straining through the window of an airplane, trying to get the best angle of the cloudy, hazy mountains without getting that damn plane wing in the shot.)

Those first couple days, I was overly excited about every wildflower, bird, cow, horse and cowboy hat that crossed our paths.

"Sage brush! Awesome!"


"What a cute rental car!"


"Jenny, take a picture of me and Andy by the covered hot tub!"


"I think I blinked, can you take another one?"


"Now let's get some of the food on the grill!"

CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK (you know how much I love photographing food)

It's a bit painful to hit the delete key so many times, but it has to be done.

Just... not yet.

The last couple days I've been working late, seeing sneak previews of hilarious and fun movies, and adjusting to life back at the center of "the grind". This is all just to tell you that I don't have any vacation posts ready yet. Not even that first day which was really mostly just planes, cars and Idaho cabins.

As a peace offering, I had Milo prepare his favorite concerto for you all. He is accompanied by Andy on the harmonica - Milo's favorite (or least?) instrument.

Milo works out his pipes from Kristin Sutter on Vimeo.


Andrea said...

Bravo, Milo. Bravo.

Jen in Japan said...

Wow, I bet your neighbors just LOVE you. ;-)

Jenna Alexander said...

My pooch hates the harmonica too!!

His name is really Chachi even though I said Louie in my blog. We both have pen names. ha ha