Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Look what I got!

Jen from Japan was visiting Chicago (and ME!) last weekend and brought some gifts along with her.

This isn't exactly out of the blue since Jen has been writing a Kit Kat blog while abroad after discovering the insane amount of love for Kit Kats in Japan.

So far, I've tried the Lemon Vinegar (weirdly, two thumbs up), the Rose (one, fairly enthusiastic thumb up for creativity), the Japanese version of plain Kit Kat (super duper awesome and three thumbs if I had 'em), Custard (quality noms and two thumbs up), the orange peach one (two thumbs down for artificial peach taste, blech!) and the blue one you see below.

After getting over the shock of a blue Kit Kat, Andy and I split it and dove in. After much deliberation, we decided it tasted like bubble gum. Not great, but not bad.

I'm sticking to my daily plain Kit Kat break at work, but there might be room for lemon vinegar in my future.


Jessica Young said...

girlfriend of mine and I once split a green tea kitkat. it was tasty wild. I can't eat candy like this anymore, but man, what kind of flavor creativity comes out of that kitkat factory. Too bad it's probably all artificial, but what can you do. Enjoy it!

Kristin said...

I love the Vosges green tea chocolate! They're usually pretty clean with their ingredients if you're looking for a fix.

Yeah, definitely lots of artificial flavors in these guys, but coming from a girl who likes Airheads,SweetTarts, and other suck-your-teeth-it's-so-sweet-and-sour candies, I don't mind.

My candy tastes didn't mature much past the age of 13, I think.

Erin said...

You LIKED the Rose, or are you just rating the creativity... I think it tasted like soap and smelled like it too. :-P Haven't tried the vinegar but I hear it's awesome!

Kelly said...

I really enjoyed the rose. The thing about that kit kat was it was a journey for the nose, it was all about smelling the rose while eating chocolate, which I totally dig. :)

I'm with you, i really enjoyed the lemon vinegar too! Did you try the apple vinegar one? That was also nice!