Friday, February 26, 2010

Milo's Birthday Bash

In case you were wondering, Milo turns 3 this Sunday.

We let this fact slip to Milo's daycare today while dropping him off this morning and were sent the pictures below about an hour ago:

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's steak on that platter.

Knowing we were in trouble, Andy and I had the following conversation via Gchat:

ME: He's never coming home.

ANDY: ever

ME: we can't beat that

ANDY: nope
we lost him
bye bye milo

ME: We definitely have to get a birthday banner now...
and a party hat

ANDY: and a collar that looks like something out of a shakespearean play.
dinner from paulina meat market for milo tonight

ME: agreed!
we have to make him remember why he loves us.

ME: hire some puppy prostitutes, maybe?

Happy Birthday a couple days early, buddy. Sorry we forgot about your first birthday and almost your second. This one's totally making up for lost time. We're talkin' pony rides.

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Andrea said...

Ha! Glad to see he's being treated like royalty! Although, he looks a little scared in those pictures... I think he's balancing his fear of the crazy collar against his desire for the steak. Happy early birthday, Milo!