Monday, April 14, 2008

Cougar in the city! (and not the old lady kind)

Milo and I almost got eaten by a cougar today!

I was just hanging up the phone after chatting with my sister when I heard a bunch of gunshots (which I originally thought were firecrackers) about 200 yards north on the same street I was walking Milo on.

Police were shooting and hunched behind cars, just like in the movies. I ran home with the puppy so as to avoid any stray bullets since I figured it was some sort of dramatic shootout with a crazy person or a serial killer (because serial killers aren't crazy...) or something.

Nope. Just a not-so-friendly urban cougar.


Keith said...

Wow - now that is excitement in the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Kristin, You would think that you were living in the hills of Montana rather than in Chicago. First, the coyote in the cooler and not the mountain lion down the street. Don will be very jealous. After all our hiking in wild, uncivilized places, we have never seen a cougar (and for this I am truly grateful). It's bad enough that we have had encounters with grizzly bears, black bears and coyotes. Did you actually see the police crouched behind cars and shooting? Mom

Kristin said...

Yep, I actually saw the policemen shooting. They were across the street about 150 yards north of me and Milo.

I'll show you the exact spot if you ever come visit me in Chicago...

*cough* hint hint *cough*