Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Eating Extravaganza Part I

Lots of work and a free Cubs game ticket is why I'm only now posting about Andy's birthday eating marathon from the weekend.

It turns out that Andy definitely did want to go to Hot Doug's for his birthday lunch, so we left pretty early to try and grab lunch before the giant line got too ridiculous. Apparently, 50 other people had that exact idea, so we had to wait.

And wait.

And wait some more.

We amused ourselves... okay, I amused MYSELF by taking artsy photos of Andy against the brick wall.

I like to call this one, Vacant, Drooly Stare. What do you think? Go ahead and click on that photo and look at his amazing ability to relax every single muscle in his face. Yeah, Andy's not awesome at looking what other people might call natural or normal in these types of photos, but I really love that he humors me and keeps trying.

Finally... SUCCESS!

Yep, that's a corn dog, a Chicago style hot dog, a Gyro Sausage with spicy raita and olive tapenade and a Bacon Sausage with Wine-Infused Grainy Dijon Mustard, Herb-Garlic Eurocreme and Caramelized Onions alongside a giant pile of french fries fried in duck fat. Can you hear our arteries clogging? It was delicious though, and we were sitting at the counter near the entrance so all the suckers still in line got to watch us stuff our faces with FOUR SAUSAGES of different shapes, sizes and flavors.

What can I say? Andy and I are over achievers.

I'll post about our gut-busting dinner later. Stay tuned!


Keith said...

I am jealous, Hot Doug's is great, I am eternally grateful to Andy for taking me there when I came to visit.

Dad said...

Can't wait to try ONE of everything this summer when we get there. Yeah to Hot Doug's