Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bananas Foster

While in New Orleans I had the opportunity to eat at the original Brennan's.

I was most excited about was dessert since I had heard that Brennan's was the birthplace of my favorite dessert: Bananas Foster.

The appetizer and entree were good, though unremarkable since I can't even really remember what I had. Shrimp something, I believe. I was pretty focused on dessert from the second we sat down.

When the magical moment finally came, my coworker who knew about my bananas foster obsession wanted to get a photo to commemorate the occasion. So I stood up in the middle of the white table cloth dining room and tried to simultaneously "smile pretty" and not get my eyebrows burnt off.

Seriously, look how close that flame was to my face! My coworker kept shouting at me to "Move in closer!" too. A dessert this delicious is worth the possible bodily harm though.

You see how good that looks? Yeah... it tasted even better.

I'm planning on making it myself as soon as I find someone with a good, heavy skillet who is also willing to let me possibly set their kitchen on fire.

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