Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Biting the Big Apple

Being so busy with work and preoccupied with dental and doctor visits, I haven't had time to focus on the fact that I'm flying to New York City after work on Friday for 3 nights of fun.

I haven't been to New York since high school when I sang and danced in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade... in the rain.

I didn't enjoy that trip much. Not only because of the rain, but because I spent most my time holed up in a rehearsal room doing the same dance routine to the same, chirpy song (Big City Beat, actually. See how far it was drilled into my brain?) over and over again.

This trip is with my cousin to visit a mutual friend who moved to Brooklyn a few months ago.

I'm pretty confident this trip will be better than my last NYC experience (though I did get to see Christian Slater at the parade... which seemed way cooler at the time).

Besides going to see Rent on Saturday, I don't think we have any definite plans. Any suggestions on things we should do, places to eat, places to avoid, etc.?


Eric said...

Plenty to do in the concrete jungle. I've only been once, but I tried to fit a lot in.

1. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. The one big thing that city has that Chicago doesn't.
2. FAO Scwhartz. The piano from Big!
3. Central Park. The only green in the city, but damn there's a lot of it.
3a. Strawberry Fields.
3b. Philosopher's Row.
4. Time's Square. Tacky? Yes. Touristy? Yes. Still fun? Yes.

Keith said...

Amy and I are headed to the MOMA on Sunday on our way home from the engagement party to check out the new exhibit "Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling” supposed to be pretty cool exhibit about green and sustainable building.

Andy said...

If you want tasty BBQ and the best biscuits north of the Mason-Dixon line, I highly recommend Blue Smoke on 27th between Park and Lexington. It's right next to Mike's office (so he should be able to find it), and far enough away from the hubububububub.

Probably the only place I've been on an expense account that seems reasonable enough to visit on my own dime.

Other than that, I'm not much help... unless you want to visit the Javits Convention Center or the ABC studios.

Brian Sroufe said...

My only familiarity with NYC is carjacking and killing for glowing bundles of cash. I also jumped off the top of the Emp. St. Bldg, hoping to fall to a gruesome, yet epic death on the streets of the Big Apple. However, I only could only jump out far enough to hit a ledge about 10 stories below. I still died, but far less awesomely.

So if you find yourself up there... give it a shot, but remember to jump "out", and not "up."

Kristin said...

Keith: I told my friend that the one thing I wanted to do was go to MoMA to see that exhibit!

Since we're doing Rent on Saturday (the reason I'm missing your awesome pool party, boo!), we might be there on Sunday.

I'll give you a call if it looks like we're going cause I'd still love to see you and Amy if possible!

Thanks for the suggestions, everybody (excluding one... ahem). I'm sure I'll have a full report when I get back.