Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Now you see 'em

When we first got Milo (It's been over a year now, can you believe it?), he had very distinctive coloring.

Handsome, strawberry blond spots on his body and just a touch of lowlights around his ears, face and tail.

Right around his first birthday (which Andy and I both forgot about, which is why Milo will be getting a pony this year), he had a string of seriously bad hair days.

This was also Milo's chubby, Rock Band phase. (He kicks ass on the sticks.)

His hair would tangle if we even looked at him wrong, so we did the compassionate thing and shaved our chunky puppy.

When his hair started growing back, we noticed there was something noticeably different about him.

Milo is white!

I thought it might be the shampoo we were using (Pantene, as recommended by Milo's breeder), lack of sun during the Chicago winter or maybe even Andy's couldn't-be-any-whiter taste in music.

The world may never know, but I'm blaming it on the indie bands and hipster kids.

Milo's introduction to Shakira, Kanye, Snoop and select others begins immediately.

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