Tuesday, February 17, 2009

5 Years...

And counting.

Five years ago today, after some Name That Tune and about 25 minutes into Good Will Hunting, I cornered Andy and made him mine.

I was looking through my photos to show us through the years, but considering neither of us has changed much, it wasn't very interesting, so instead, I'll tell a story.

When we first started living together, we worked different schedules and would leave notes for each other on the computer (because we couldn't afford pens or paper). Usually we'd just say hello, have a good day, etc., but every now and then, I'd get an MS Paint surprise.

I absolutely do know how lucky I am.

P.S. I love the attention to detail (the true yellowness of my hair and the sheer blueity of Andy's hat) and how we're both inexplicably pigeon-toed.


Lee J. Freedman said...

I miss Name That Tune (Tuesdays?) and Drinking Club (Fridays!!!) so much. Also, I think Good Will Hunting come out when I was a sophomore or junior in high school. Not knowing what the movie was about (or how the title was spelled), I thought it would be about someone "hunting" for goodwill. Not about a guy named Will Hunting. I'm so crazy...for you...and Andy.

Andrea said...

Haha. Andy has a real future in stick figure art!

Congratulations to one of my favorite couples! Let's celebrate with pizza this weekend. :)

Kristin said...

And to think, we only met because of you, Lee.

Yes! Name that tune Tuesdays and Drinking Club Fridays!

We haven't been back to Athens since we left. Isn't that sad? We should plan a reunion down there. I wonder if Lariche (sp?) is still Van Wilder-ing his years away.

Eric said...

Congrats! Now if only my photoshop skills were good enough I would add hearts to those stick figures.

Lee J. Freedman said...

I was back in Athens earlier this month. Not much has changed. Let's plan to go in the spring or summer.