Friday, February 27, 2009

Rock TV

Current(ish) T.V. Theme Songs I Love:

How I Met Your Mother
I always make Andy listen to this and sing along with me. Also one of my favorite tv shows on right now.
The Sopranos

Makes me feel like a badass.
Kath & Kim
I'm still not sure I like this show too much but I absolutely love the song. I have no idea why. So catchy!
Premium channel shows always have kickass intros.
I'm no superman. True.
True Blood

Another HBO show with awesome credits. Hot.

Anything I'm missing?


Eric said...

House has a great intro, New Adventure of Old Christine is a sing-songy, and the one that draws me to the TV everytime is West Wing.

Kristin said...

Never heard the Christine intro before, and I like House's intro, but I do let Andy fast forward through it which is a definite no-no for the above shows.

I also like the Big Bang Theory's music which is the Barenaked Ladies.

I still have never seen an episode of The West Wing. I know. How did that happen?

Jen in Japan said...

I like Psych's and also Monk's theme song. I always sing along to Monk.

Brian Sroufe said...

Hello??? The Wire? The first season's rendition remains the best of the five.

Kristin said...

Started watching Monk because of you saying you liked to watch it over in France, Jenn. In the first season, they do have that catchy guitar riff that Andy learned and plays for me sometimes now, but I haven't heard the infamous intro by Randy Newman, though. I will listen for it!

And as much as I like The Wire, the show, in all it's heart-wrenching glory, I've never been a big fan of the intro. It's SUPER DUPER long which is just annoying. I only listened to each version once before fast forwarding through it every time, so it doesn't make the list, sorry.

Jen in Japan said...

I just remembered that 30 Rock also has a great intro. Actually I like all the music in that show (random fact did you know its written by Mr. Fey - Tina's love muffin.) I also really enjoy the part where Alec Baldwin does this fast turn and smiles. My heart beats a little faster every time I watch the intro.

Andy said...

From the "Thought It Was Better Than It Actually Was When I Just Now Re-watched It" file:

Six Feet Under

Fantastic show, bland and formulaic opening credits. White light? Withering flowers? Executive producer's name on a gravestone? Yikes.

Now I remember why we skipped over it every time.

My favorite of the above is a tie between The Sopranos and Dexter. The Sopranos has the best song, hands down, while Dexter turned opening credits into art. Creepy, scary, violent-y breakfast art.