Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Object

Below are photos I sent in with my signed letter of complaint to contest the parking ticket I received for "Parking/Blocking a Crosswalk".

I rest my case.


Keith said...

So did you get out of it?

Andy said...

Takes a few weeks to a few months for the civil servants to process requests.

If nothing else, it's worth it to fight every ticket (even if you are definitely in the wrong) so you can accrue a little extra interest on that $60. Gotta love urban bureaucracy.

Andrea said...

That's ridiculous! Good luck protesting it. Just FYI, I protested a parking ticket that I received about two or three years ago (I was a victim of the mysterious and sudden street cleaning signs) and still have not heard back at all. Let's just hope they haven't reported me to a collection agency.

Brian Sroufe said...

Well done.
[Civil Engineer]
The detectable warning plate on the sidewalk ramp is the x-factor in proving there is no intention for pedestrians to cross the street where your car is located.
[/Civil Engineer]

Andy said...

Andrea - there's some page that exists on the City of Chicago website where you can punch in your license plate number and some other information to see if you have any outstanding tickets.

Brian - we will bring you in as an expert witness if we should ever have to adjudicate this claim.