Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend in a plastic, pastel-colored eggshell

Just finished watching Rachel Getting Married, an intense look at family relationships and addiction and am feeling a lot better about my issues. Thinking that I need to make friends with more crazy musicians, though, so they can provide a constant soundtrack for my maybe future, kinda eventual wedding day.

Am currently avoiding doing a character sketch after having a lot of fun running through details of this week's subject, an old neighbor, Louise.

I was amazed at how much I remembered and after filling 2 pages with descriptions, am now facing the task I hate most, organizing these thoughts and figuring how they fit into a cohesive piece.

Rejoice! I am finally getting over a cold that had me praying for the day some genius gets off his ass and invents a high-powered nasal vacuum.

Topping off the weekend were the inches of slushy snow dumped on my street, backyard and car today. March 29th. I'm not complaining (much) since I realize that won't help and nobody likes a whiner. Still, the dripping ice chunks falling from rooftops and branches made the walk to brunch around the corner a little more interesting in a trekking through slush in constant fear kind of way.

Ending with some good news, since the Sroufe's visit this weekend, I now have 12 10 8 7 chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs in the freezer. (I like my marshmallow crunchy, melty, or not at all! Suck it, Bri-Bri!) I also scored some Cadbury Mini Eggs, so now I only need a Reese's Egg for an Easter candy trifecta.

What's your favorite Easter candy?

*Post Script: Andy, thinking I'm deeply involved in my writing assignment, just asked with real concern if he was bothering me by paying bills/doing taxes/some-other-responsible-shit at the same table. I assured him that since I was currently doing a Google image search for chocolate covered marshmallow eggs, yes, could he please back the fuck off and let me work.


Andrea said...

My faves: Reese's peanut butter eggs and those malted milk ball egg things. Mmm.

Jen in Japan said...

My mom just sent a box with my own trifecta of Cadbury, Snickers, and Reese's eggs.