Thursday, June 25, 2009

More than a passing resemblance

After rereading a series of emails between myself and Andy today concerning the black and white cookie he brought back from NYC for me, I'm a bit disturbed at how much my speech patterns resemble a certain googly-eyed, blue muppet.

Email Subject: YUMMY YUMMY!!!!!!

Me: BLACK & WHITE COOKIE IS AWESOME!!!! I think you might need to go back to NYC soon so you can buy me MORE!

Andy: :)

Me: (obviously cannot let it go) Do you need to go back to NY today? Cause I might be okay with that if it means more COOKIE! NOM NOM NOM!

Andy: (possibly frightened) If I had ANY room left in my bag I would have gotten more, but I was running at capacity!

Me: I never knew what all the fuss was about. I don't really like frosted cookies really, but this is like cake and the frosting is like chocolate and vanilla armies battling with cookie and my mouth for most favoritest. Have you had the cookie? Do you know it's greatness?

Andy: (pleading and bargaining for his life) I do not know of the greatness, but next time I’ll get one for me to eat on the plane and three for you!

Me: How many cookies for me? Did you say six?

Andy: dozen

Me: You may live.


Andrea said...

Ha! At least you're selective. I always got the impression that Cookie Monster would have eaten any cookie that crossed his path. He always seemed (seems?) kind of desperate.

Jen in Japan said...

Hahaha! Oh man do I miss you. I don't have cookies but I'll be bringing Kit Kats when I come to visit in August.