Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You'll always be second best

Just got an email from Milo's daycare (we have not become rich nor snooty, don't worry) with the subject line: The cutest dog at Earth Pups.

This picture was attached to the email.

Good to see Milo's way with the ladies hasn't waned at all. Andy always jokes that he's worried we'll drop Milo off one day for daycare or boarding, and when we come back, the place will be closed up--the owner, Julie, off enjoying cocktails on a beach with Milo somewhere far, far away.

I agree that it might happen, but it would totally be Milo's idea.

When I walked him over to Earth Pups this morning around 7:00am, he was dragging ass, not at all enjoying Chicago's first official heat wave. Once we got to the door and he heard Julie's voice, his head and tail snapped up, and a convulsing, wriggling happy dance ensued.

Without even a glance over his shoulder, he took off through the door to his happiest place on earth.

When it was time to say bye, Julie tried to make him wave his paw at me, but his eyes were all, "And you are?"

You cut me deep, Milo. You cut me real deep.

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