Friday, September 11, 2009


Finally accepting the fact that I'm getting on a plane to Japan tomorrow.

A little weirded out by how fast it snuck up on me, but totally psyched for an amazing adventure with Jen.

I've been packed for 2 days and even though my bag's only 3/4 full, I'm making a vow to take out three things once I get home.

The two packages of Starburst to give out as omiyage and the 4 travel packs of tissues for crazy Japanese toilets are non-negotiable.

I'm already feeling a bit homesick before even leaving--my face buried in Milo's fur a little longer than normal this morning. The trip out and the trip back are usually the only times I feel this way. In between I'm usually too busy taking photos, wandering and being perhaps a bit too aggressive in my enthusiasm for adventure.

I've got my sleeping pill handy for the 13 hour flight, so I'm pretty much set. Well, as ready as I can be for not knowing a word of the language or skimming through some travel books from the library. See you in 10 days!

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