Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcomed Home!

After a 12 hour flight back, I walked off the airplane to find Andy waiting for me with these

and these!

We also saw Eliza Dushku, but I'm pretty sure he didn't arrange for that.

Long night of unpacking, cheesecake brownie eating, storytelling and lots of television ahead!


Andrea said...

Yum! Welcome home! :)

Jenn said...

Welcome home! Call me! Tell Andy that he did good. Bet those cheesecake brownies taste especially good after all that sushi:)

Kristin said...

Loved the food in Japan, but the sweets are definitely not their strong suit. Sweet red beans are a major part of most desserts and one place served us coffee-flavored gelatin and tried to pass it off as an acceptable finish to the meal. Blech!