Friday, May 9, 2008

Deserted Island

You remember the deserted island game, right? Well I think I found my three things I need to keep myself entertained:

1. Milo
2. Camera
3. Do I really need a third?

If you read the comments on my posts, you may know that earlier this week I locked myself and Milo out of the apartment for a couple hours. Let's not get into how it happened, but let me assure you that there were reasons. Good ones. One of which may or may not include a frantic puppy jumping and FREAKING OUT all around you and squirming in your arms enough to incite a very real fear of accidental suicide down three flights of apartment stairs, and while this is all happening it is quite easy to forget that maybe you didn't put your keys back in your pocket after opening the door to said flying furball of energy.

Um, so yeah, I locked us out (in a perfectly understandable and accidental way). Normally when this happens (alright YES, it's happened before) I only have to wait the extra 10-15 minutes until Andy comes home and rescues us from the great outdoors. Unfortunately, I had gotten home early for the first time in months on that particular day and now had 2 hours to kill before I could expect to see Andy.

So I walked Milo. A lot. Then it started to rain a bit, so we spent some quality time in the entrance hall of our building with my camera.

Here he is looking suspicious at the fact that I have not opened the second door so he can tear up the three flights of stairs and wait for me at the top with a wagging tail that mocks my panting and heaving with an understated subtlety.

After a few minutes he didn't bother to hide his boredom.

It stopped raining for awhile, so we went back outside for more walking. Milo LOVES his walks, so when I noticed he was seeming less and less excited to be out. I got a little worried. Maybe this would turn him off to walks forever. Would he fear he'd have to spend this much time with me every time I took out the leash? He tried buttering me up with pleading looks first.

But quickly progressed to ticked off.

To try and avoid the wrath of Milo, I took him back into the small mail area of our building where he alternated stares at the door.

And disapproving looks at me. (Can't you just see the eye roll implied in that look?)

Milo was definitely not interested in any group shots, either.

Luckily, Andy the hero came home and saved Milo from having to spend any more time in my makeshift photo studio. Although I'm sure Milo disagrees, I was having a pretty good time, and am proud to say I haven't gotten locked out even ONCE since then. (3 days and counting!)

Sorry for all the photos, but I haven't posted puppy pictures in awhile and I try to give my audience what they want (which I would assume is all Milo, all the time, right?).


Brian Sroufe said...

Hilarious. Great pics, but poor Milo. At least you remembered MY birthday...

Kristin said...

Hey! We remembered eventually!

(um... never mind that it was after you told us)

Jenn said...

I love Milo! I bet that he misses me TONS!