Monday, May 26, 2008

Mary, the Contrary One

Because of the beautiful weather yesterday, we spent almost all day outside.

We started off having breakfast out on the balcony/deck (beck? delcony?) with our plants so they could bask with us in the bright, morning sun. Overall, our plants are doing incredibly well. Check out these tomatoes!

Now whether we'll actually be able to get any real tomatoes from the plants once they go in the ground will be the real test of our farmer skills. We went ahead and seeded the garden with our other veggies yesterday, too, so in a couple weeks, we'll be able to realize success vs. failure more accurately.

We did some pretty planting over the weekend, too. Les fleurs.

Spring is most definitely my favorite season. (Sorry autumn, you were a close second, but my ragweed allergy pulled you down.)

This is one view from the delcony (yes? no? How are we feeling on the delcony concept?) looking Northeast. If you turn to the Southeast, you can see the top of the Sears tower, so I consider it a city skyline view... naturally.

I started experimenting with my camera's color accent feature at this point. It's probably my favorite thing to show off about my sweet camera. All I have to do is focus the camera on any color, set it, and it only shows that color in the photos with everything else in black and white. Here's green.

Then yellow.

And Indigo.

And green again out on Milo's second loooong walk of the day. (This one's my favorite.)

Look! Milo's even cute in grayscale!

After the walk we went back home, made hot and sour soup (possible future recipe post), and had dinner out on the beck.

We haven't grilled out yet, but I think that might be on the agenda this evening. Anyone else do fun stuff this weekend?

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