Monday, October 20, 2008

My NyQuil in Shining Gel Capsule Armor

It's here.

The dreaded first cold of the season has officially arrived.

Now, instead of packing for my brother's wedding in Philadelphia on Thursday, I'm debating the pros and cons of chopping off my nose with my coworkers.

As a frequent cold and allergy sufferer, my nose and I have always had a very tenuous relationship. I'd have ended it years ago if it weren't for that whole facial mutilation thing.


Keith said...

As I now work at McNeil, home of Tylenol & Sudafed I feel required to offer up Tylenol Cold MultiSypmtom Severe. Also if your nose is really running try Sudafed 24 hr, it should dry up that nasal issue quick.

Kristin said...

If it can send me into a startlingly coma-like sleep as my BFF NyQuil can, then Brother, you got yourself a deal.

Also, since you "work at McNeil, home of Tylenol & Sudafed", where's my offer for free samples?

Katie said...

Ohhh, i looove Tylenol Cold MultiSypmtom Severe. I highly recommend it :) Kris - It will help you out!

Kristin said...

I had no idea our family was so gung-ho for the Tylenol. Was there a brainwashing seminar I missed last Christmas?

Effective immediately, I shall switch to the Tylenol (or the cheaper store brand Tylenol stuff anyway... baby steps).

Andy said...

Ooooh - good thing Keith is occupied with a wedding/honeymoon. As any good marketing man, he'd be pissed if family members were buying generic!