Tuesday, October 7, 2008

School of Rock

A coworker's son attends the Paul Green School of Rock here in Chicago. A couple weekends ago, Andy and I went to go hear them play their "Freedom Rock" concert at Schuba's.

Immediately, I regretted giving up the saxophone after only two years in elementary school.

School of Rock from Kristin Sutter on Vimeo.

The mini-singer in this clip had to only be 12 or so and along with being my favorite lead singer of the concert, he was killer on drums.

(Maybe having kids isn't ALL bad when you consider the possibility of having one that kicks this much ass?)

School of Rock II from Kristin Sutter on Vimeo.

Yeah they were good, but my mind reeled with how much future tail these kids were gonna get. A few already had groupies of tweens squealing after every musical solo and occasionally chanting the names of select teeny-rockers.

I saw the wistful regret in Andy's eyes at having learned the power a guitar has over females so late in life.

Better late than never, babe.

(Better, especially, for me. AN-DY! AN-DY! AN-DY!)

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