Monday, December 1, 2008

Giving Thanks

I'm thankful for many things from this past long weekend in Lima:

1. Birthday party for ME complete with pumpkin pie for cake, a new Bengals calendar for my cubicle and lottery scratch off tickets! (It's a Sroufe thing.)
2. Fat Jack's pizza and beer.
3. Eating breakfast at a bowling alley because IHOP and Bob Evans are too crowded and there's NOWHERE ELSE TO GO.
4. Bowling a 166 at that same bowling alley one day later.
5. Playing and winning at Euchre.
6. Losing, hilariously, at Catchphrase. (Something your mom would say: "YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE!")
7. Milo in a santa hat.
8. Brian NOT hitting me in the face with a football.
9. My new car and it's spacious interior which fits all our crap without rearranging everything multiple times.
10. Milo trying to "play with" (re: possibly eat) babies and small ginger children.
11. No puking on the drive home! Good job, Andy!

But most of all, I'm thankful for Kewpee.

Yeah, that's right. Kewpee.

It appears I've turned a corner and have now drunk the kool-aid (or chocolate frosted malt if you will) that all Limaians, Limans, Limes (?) receive at birth.

Though the naked Kewpee dolls nailed to the wall still freak me out.

Um, and I guess the burger wrappers are a little creepy, too.

Yes, that reads Clean, Sweet, Pretty and Plump around the naked, Jesus-on-the-cross-Kewpee doll. Terrifying, I know, but even that couldn't stop me this year. We ate there TWICE.

Andy loves Kewpee, and now I do too.

(And apparently God loves Kewpee as well. Check out those heavenly sunbeams of light surrounding Andy while he bites into his burger.)

If I can snag photos from Andy's parents, you'll get to see some other photos from the weekend, but for now, it's 100% Kewpee.


Andy said...

Number 11 makes it sound like I am the one who pukes in the car.

For anyone reading this who hasn't had Kewpee, the burgers taste like sunshine and the frosties taste like happy.

Kristin said...

As was my intent.

It's funnier that way.

And I'd go with they taste more like Wendy's, but then I might lose all the points I've gained from the weekend of Kewpee eating.

Andy said...


Brian said...

But I AM responsible, Mom. I am!

Katie said...

Krissy -- Don't let Andy and his family fool you -- that doll is scarey as hell! I am a bit concerned that you are caving in and acting like hanging naked babies and Baby Jesus Burgers are Normal!!!

:) Kate