Monday, December 29, 2008

Ribfest '08

As always, Christmas time means a lot of good eating. We got started early this year with the Montgomery Inn Ribs that my Dad and Stepmom sent me for my birthday.

We had to broil the ribs since there was a foot of snow out on the deck and we didn't feel like digging out the grill.

I've never seen Andy be so attentive to anything he's cooking. He never left the oven for a second while the ribs were sizzling.

Given the exceptional result, I can't fault him for it.

Yes, we used the bibs and since we hadn't showered, you only get to see Andy's bedhead since mine was seriously frightening. (And again: my blog, my rules.)

The perfect way to tell me you love me is with two giant plates of meat.

And yes, we ate them all.

In one sitting.

Happy Birthday to me!

1 comment:

Andy said...

Notice my white knuckles on the final picture.

You would have been antsy too if you had that slab of heaven in front of you and Kristin wanted to "take just one more shot!"