Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New computer, new problems

So I haven't posted an actual, bona fide blog post in awhile. (C'mon, we all know I totally mailed it in with that gingervitis thing.) I realize cute pictures of Milo can only get me so far.

It's not that I haven't had good ideas or events to diarize (wasn't sure if that was a word or not, but apparently, it is. Hooray!). I really have. I want to write about and post our Christmas tree decorating experience, the Sroufe Christmas in Chicago that took place this past weekend and especially the baking extravaganza that happened on Sunday afternoon and into the night.

My first excuse is that work has been really blah blah blah. I know you're already snoring at the work excuse, so I won't even go into it.

Second, Andy and I got our new laptop.

*Record player scccccrrrrrrrreeeeaaattcchh*

But Kristin! Wouldn't a laptop make blogging a lot easier for you? No more having to sit in the lonely, too-cold-in-the-winter and hot-in-the-summer guest room just to get a little internet access. You can watch tv and sit on the comfy couch while you do it!

One downside of laptop blogging is that I'm not allowed to drink liquids within 5 feet of Pooter (re: the laptop. If you haven't noticed, I like to name things.) because Andy's smart and knows me well. Drunk blogging is already off the table before I even had a chance to get it started.

Back to the lazy posting.

I blame Vista. And Picasa. And the stupid laptop touch pad that makes me feel like I'm editing photos left-handed.

I spent two hours organizing 30 photos last night (which I usually whip out in 10 minutes). I still didn't upload one of the albums I thought I did, so today, all you get is this.

Milo has Uggs! Or Muggs, if you prefer.

We bought the new boots because they're waterproof and because his old ones were so dirty and worn that I no longer wanted to touch them without haz-mat gloves. (Yes, we wash them, but some things can't be washed away, even with copious amounts of Tide.)

After the new boots' innaugural walk this morning, they're proving to have a few design flaws. The biggest one being that they don't stay on his paws.

I'm going to give them another chance tonight before we give up and build some sort of hamster bubble. If that venture fails, we're moving to where the snow can't find us.

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