Friday, January 9, 2009

Get the door, it's Domin- NO it's not. It's better.

Stayed in tonight to avoid the snowstorm that perpetually threatens our city and made homemade pizza.

No shortcut crusts either. Andy even tossed his pie dough in the air a few times. Unbelievably it didn't get caught in a ceiling fan or land on his head. Why isn't life more like the movies?

Made a lot of dishes, but made a lot of damn good pizza, too.

Thank you, new pizza stone for the gift of golden, crispy crust.


Andrea said...

Idea for next dinner cooking get-together: various types of homemade pizza! Mmmm.

Brian Sroufe said...

Don't worry, I'm completely aware that I'd be required to join if Andrea's suggestion were to happen.

Kristin said...

Ha! Sounds good.

We totally overestimated the amount of pizza we could eat and ended up with three when we only put away one and a half. Greek chicken pizza, Fresh mozz, parm and pepperoni pizza and a Pepperocini, pepperoni and olive pizza.

Good thing I like cold pizza even more than hot.