Thursday, April 9, 2009

Burgers and Pup Hoodies

Spent last weekend in Columbus which meant Thurman's on Friday night. Finally, back to Ohio for the best burgers I've ever had and these little lovelies.

Pretzel Bites.

Best thing I've ever put in my mouth.

Well, maybe except for this.

Or this.

We came SO close to finishing this time! I blame the two pitchers of beer for the slow down. We started out so strong!

(Don't ever say I'm not willing to post bad pictures of myself on this blog.)

It was a fantastic weekend filled with an awesome trip to Athens that I'll have to chronicle in another post since I don't have the energy to resize all those photos tonight.

I did pick up a little something for Milo while hanging around our old college town.

Yeah, it's even cuter in person. Trust me, it's possible.

Jenny couldn't keep her hands off of him.

He might not've liked it quite as much as we did, though.

Don't worry, he eventually came out from under the table when I promised not to dress him up any more that night.


Andrea said...

That little hoodie is suuuuper cute! And I must try some of those pretzel bites before I die...going on my bucket list! ;)

Katie said...

Ummm, you were in Cbus and I was not informed? And you ate delicious pretzel bits and amazing burgers? What did I do to you to make you hate me all of a sudden?

Kristin said...

Oh no! I'll be seeing you for Jenn's shower at the beginning on May, right?

I never think of Cbus and Cincy as the same place. Plus, we spent a whole day of the weekend in Athens, so it was pretty packed. I'm sorry! We'll bond over some Firefly in May. Don't worry! ;-)

Jenn said...

Katie, you 'll have to come visit to experience the pretzel bites and burgers! Anytime--just give me a call! Thurmans's is just right down the street from us. We love any excuse to visit:) Happy Easter!

Katie said...

Yes i will be at jenn's shower (which i can't wait for) annnd, Jenn -- i will def take you up on that offer to come to Thurman's...Annie sounded interested too, we can discuss at your shower! WOOHOO