Monday, August 4, 2008

New York, New York

It turns out that I absolutely do like New York.

The little that we had time to see just made me want to come back and visit again!

My favorite part of the trip had to be seeing RENT on Broadway. (Kate, you are the BEST cousin in the world for making this happen!)

The theater was TINY so every seat was amazing. Kate snuck this photo with her new iPhone which turned out to be the most helpful gadget of the weekend.

I gotta admit, I was pretty emotionally involved in the performance even though this was the third time I'd seen the show. Bravo, NYC cast!

We went to a Saturday matinee, so after the show we headed to the West Village and Magnolia Bakery for some cupcakes, best ever banana pudding and a little Sara Jessica Parker stalking.

These actually tasted even better than they looked. The banana pudding was the real show-stopper though. We ate on a stoop around the corner from the bakery and conveniently across the street from SJP's house hoping to nonchalantly bump into her or Matt.

No such luck by the time we'd finished a round of cupcakes and some iced coffee, so we headed back to Mike's place in Brooklyn to get ready for a night out.

We went to a Brooklyn bar with old arcade games and a great beer selection called Barcade. I played Q-Bert and gathered a bit of a crowd with my awesome Ms. Pacman playing. I only got that good trying to keep up with my sister, the Ms. Pacman phenom, in my dad's basement so thanks, Jenn.

After game time, we headed to a place that gave you a free pizza with every drink! I know, right? Why doesn't Chicago have this marketing genius?

The next day we went to MOMA and got to meet up with Amy and Keith! Hooray!

I was so happy we got to see them, and got to see an interesting exhibit on pre-fab houses. (That gold cube behind us is actually a tent/shelter invention.)

We also got to see lots of famous art I've only seen in books or movies like Warhol's soup cans.

A Picasso you might recognize.

Monet's Water Lilies.

And an Andrew Wyeth painting I did a paper on for my Comparative Arts class freshman year of college.

The MOMA was an incredible museum and even though we were there for over 5 hours, I still felt like I could have used more time to wander.

That night we stayed in Manhattan and started off the evening of drinks with a couple beers from McSorely's, the oldest bar in Manhattan. They only had two beers, porter and lager.

Those drinks were the first of many that led to quite a few photos like this:

Yep, that's skeeball in the background. I think you know it's gonna be a good night when skeeball is involved.

The next morning, we stumbled our way through Soho and I regrettably only made a few purchases. I blame the hangover and the lack of time, but I loved the area and want to go back!

Thanks for the good time, Katie and Miguel!

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