Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Sunday - Revisited

This Easter, we decided to stay in the city since Andy's parents came to us and I'm planning to head home at the beginning of May for some bridal showers.

Luckily Andrea was in town as well. And baking.
From Easter09

Don't worry, we also had scrambled eggs with ricotta cheese and chives with a side of bacon, too.
From Easter09

After brunch, we headed across the street to Lincoln Park for some bocce ball. Andrea's throwing style was my favorite.
From Easter09

Her arm was like a super fast, backwards trebuchet. Tiny arms with ridiculous amounts of oomph behind each throw.

Garrett had the prettiest extension, though, and gets points for his girly artsy finger finish.
From Easter09

Ball watcher, Eric.
From Easter09

Winter had obviously left us out of practice and not up to our usual standards of awesomeness.
From Easter09

That unfortunately meant the guys won.
From Easter09

I blamed my arm for getting tired because bocce is definitely a hardcore, endurance kind of game.

After play time was over, we headed home where Andy turned on The Masters golf tournament and I was asleep before my butt even hit the couch cushion.


Eric said...

I thought they were Easter eggs waiting to hatch with a li'l Jesus coming out. That's what happens, right?

Kristin said...

(Crown of thorns, cross and forgiveness of sins not included.)

Andrea said...

I think you made my food look better in the pictures than it did in real life! Maybe you should consider a career in food styling. ;)
That was a fun day...thanks for helping me revisit it!

Anonymous said...

So I'm depressed because the stress of the current show is kicking my butt, then I read your blog, and depression is outa here.

Thank you.

love, Judy