Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random Facts About Milo

  • When on our walks, Milo immediately goes into stealth mode, slinking close to the ground if he sees any dog/person/squirrel/etc. coming toward him. His stubby, fuzzy legs have yet to inspire fear in any living thing. I'm not sure how the occasional plastic bag he stalks feels, though.

  • Milo doesn't like most dog treats. I know this, but often forget when walking down the treat aisle and now we have 3 cups of useless doggie ice cream sitting in the back of the freezer.

  • Like a good Sutter family member, Milo LOVES cheese.

  • When he first wakes up, Milo will put both paws in your hand and splay his back legs out so you can give him a morning stretch.

  • His furry paws and our hardwood floors don't mesh well. There are lots of cartoon-like running into the wall situations. He still hasn't learned to put on the brakes 5 feet before he really should.

  • He is terrified of anything dropping or falling to the ground. Seriously, a throw pillow makes him run for cover like an air raid siren. If I drop the remote one more time, he may need therapy.

  • He does awesomely hilarious aerial breakdance moves when we hold him over the bathtub. "Must. Avoid. Water. As. Long. As. Posssible."

  • He loves playing with ginger kids and babies.

  • Before he eats them.

  • The 6,395 times he's tried and failed to jump onto the bed haven't sunk in yet. I like to think of it as optimism rather than a probable sign of brain damage.

  • His tongue is too big for his mouth. I know this, but pretend to be surprised when EVERY SINGLE PERSON on our walks points this out.

  • The first night we got him, I had buyer's remorse.

  • I now have remorse for my buyer's remorse.

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Brian Sroufe said...

The stretching thing makes my brain explode from adorable overdose every single time.