Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chow Time

Andy and I had a date night on Friday that consisted of a free beer tasting at In Fine Spirits followed by dinner at the Korean BBQ, Cho Sun Ok.

The beer tasting led to some Unibroue purchases as well as some Robert the Bruce from Three Floyds and a crazy beer recommended by the guy running the tasting, Brasserie Lebbe's L'Amalthée.

We had the Three Floyds as part of the tasting, and it came to dinner with us since Koreans are awesome and have BYOB restaurants.

Like anyone who has ever traveled with me will attest to, I like to be prepared. So I hit Wikipedia and Yelp to get as much info on Korean BBQ as possible.

My preparation was almost all for naught. I did know what I should order, but had no idea what it really was other than unmarinated beef strips to be cooked on the stone pot on the table.

About 10 small dishes came out first.

I still can't identify much besides the few veggies I recognized. The server wasn't interested at all in explaining anything to us, though when we started cooking our meat, she jumped in and showed us how to eat the tasty grilled beef (dipped in the salty, peppery sesame oil then with a bunch of the shredded scallions and some marinated onion/jalapeno things). It was yummy.

When we couldn't eat anymore, they came out and made fried rice with a lot of our leftovers in the stone pot. The bottom got nice and crispy.

I would've liked to have tried it, but my stomach was already bursting with unidentified appetizers/sides and thinly sliced, marbled meat strips.

The meal ended up being super cheap, so I understood the line out the door and plan to go again, even though we spent the rest of the night reeking of Korean food. (Seriously, don't ever enter a Korean BBQ with anything that you'd have to have dry cleaned.) Next time we'll have to go with our friends when they are not both home sick for the weekend like they happened to be Friday night. Feel better!

The down side of my new love of Korean food was some serious heartburn on Saturday. That's what I get for scarfing down unidentified foods, though I think it was the large amounts of onion and garlic that did me in.

I had to take Andy to the airport today for some business in New Jersey, so tonight I stuck with a heartburn-free favorite, homemade chicken soup.

Now it's off to sleep with Milo who gets to snooze on the big bed in Andy's absence.

Don't worry, babe, I only let him use your pillow if he promises not to drool.

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