Tuesday, November 11, 2008


3:54 A.M. Monday Morning...


Sitting straight up in bed I hazily realized I was no longer involved in the highway car chase from my dream (in which I was also trying desperately to call 911 on my cell phone, but in my dreams, cell phones NEVER work correctly, so I just kept dialing and dialing and dialing. Maybe I have some innate fear of technology?), but positive that had definitely just heard a loud thud on the bedroom floor.

The empty bed told me all I needed to know. I leaned over the side of the bed and saw a sleepy ball of fur that was even more dazed and drowsily confused than I was.

When Andy's out of town, I let Milo sleep on the bed with me because 1)it makes bedtime less lonely and 2)because he'll let me sleep in if he's on the bed. (Okay, it's about 90% because of the letting me sleep in thing.)

Our apartment has radiators that tend to be a bit erratic so the temperature in the bedroom is in a constant state of flux. When it's hot, Milo rolls onto his back and when it cools down, he rolls back onto his belly again. Apparently this regulation of body temperature made him roll himself right off the bed.

Though it's a bit of a fall for such a small body, he seemed unharmed and mostly just annoyed at having the "OH-MY-GOD-I'M-FALLING!!!" dream become reality.

Maybe he's hoping for an upgrade to a king size bed since his sprawled limbs on the queen is only proportinal to me sleeping on half a tennis court.


Andrea said...

Poor Milo! Hope he's recovered from the fall by now.

P.S. Who do you know on Top Chef??

Kristin said...

The Chicago chef, Radhika Desai. She went to my high school and was friends with my sister.

I hadn't seen any coverage on Top Chef before watching it last night, so when I saw Radhika, I called my sister and woke her up to tell her. She already knew, and was not happy that I woke her up to tell her about it.

I'm definitely pulling for her now, though things looked a little dicey for her last night.

Andrea said...

Cool! Yeah, I'm pulling for her too since she's the Chicago chef. Although, you're right, last night was not so great for her!