Monday, November 17, 2008

From Japan to an NFL Tie

Had a great relaxing weekend that started Friday night with a call from Jenny in Japan. Even though it was already Saturday morning for her, she wouldn't tell me anything from the future that I could use to make myself extremely rich or powerful. What good is time traveling if you can't use it for personal gain?

After two hours of catching up and a couple glasses of wine, I noticed Andy staring at me with the look Milo gives when I forget to feed him. I said "Sayonara!" to Jenny and Japan and we headed out to a local restaurant, John's Place, for a late dinner. (Meh, it was decent and we'll try it again, but nothing incredible. You can go see my Yelp review if you're truly interested in the gritty details.)

Saturday we had our usual lazy morning with lots of "family time" (aka laying on the floor with Milo, chasing Milo around the apartment, throwing toys for Milo, trying to get Milo to skid into the wall while chasing toys, making Milo jump over Andy while chasing his toys, walking Milo, begging Milo to eat his food by hand-feeding him one piece of kibble at a time so he doesn't throw up from forgetting that he's hungry).

Saturday afternoon we headed up to Lincoln Square to see the new Bond movie at The Davis with Pat and Caraan. The movie was pretty good, though there wasn't NEARLY enough topless Daniel Craig for my liking. I still think the new Bond movies are WAY better than any of the others I've seen.

We headed back to Pat and Caraan's place after the movie so they could make us dinner and feed us cupcakes before a few more-intense-than-necessary games of Sorry and Euchre. Very fun night (espcially since the Sorry and Euchre gods were smiling on me... I am a WINNAH!).

Sunday came too early with Milo acting as the alarm clock and too much time spent watching pre-game football analysis and many fantasy team adjustments.

The highlight of the day was venturing out for lunch and some "lunch dessert" from Bleeding Heart Bakery around the corner.

Snickerdoodle (*meh*) and Bananas Foster (*drool!*) cupcakes.

We settled in to watch footbal while Milo and I assumed our normal Sunday football positions.

Milo's not dead, I promise. He is slowly being swallowed by the couch, though. I blame my sleepiness on the sugar coma from the cupcakes and my boredom at NFL football now that I'm satisfied with a tie from the Bengals.

Lazy Sundays are my favorite.

Mondays are not. Hello, Grind, nice to get back to you.

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