Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Election Day!

I woke at 6:20AM this morning and like a kid on Christmas, asked Andy if we could go vote yet.

He agreed, so I hopped out of bed, ready to head to the polls in my pajamas.

I noticed Andy brushing his teeth and decided that as a consideration to the poll workers, I should probably do the same. While scrubbing away at the chompers, I thought that I might as well switch from my glasses to contacts and wash my face as well. Seeing the ballot clearly would certainly come in handy.

I figured fleece pants were a bit too casual for voting, so I changed into my "Lucky" brand jeans. (Couldn't hurt, right?)

As I was putting on my shoes, I realized I hadn't put on a bra and the idea of casting a ballot without a bra was a little too scandalous even for me. Would I really want to look back at this possible history-changing moment and think about the fact that I had neglected to wear proper undergarments? That seemed disrespectful somehow.

Changing the full outfit let me reconsider my clothing choices, and I changed into my bright blue fleece to showcase my inner Democrat.

So much for hopping right out of bed and racing to the polls... At 6:45 AM we were off!

Fully and carefully dressed, we got to our polling place around the corner and this magical sight greeted us.

Up and around the corner of that brick building is the entrance to the church. I was happy to wait. There are people who have waited and fought their entire lives for the opportunity I've been freely given since my 18th birthday. An hour of my morning is nothing.

I connected the arrow next to Obama/Biden and thought about taking a photo to commemorate the event, but worried that it might be against the law in some way, so I refrained.

No sticker, but I did get a ballot receipt that I considered pinning to my shirt for the day. Right now it's pinned to my cubicle wall, waiting to earn me free Starbucks coffee this afternoon. Mmm, I can practically smell the sweet, dark-roasted and robust scent of democracy.

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Brian Sroufe said...

My wait to vote was approximately zero minutes (with a zero second degree or error). At 7:30 AM, I was the 26th person to vote at a small elementary school near my office. Apparently, there aren't many registered voters within the neighborhood of which I used to live.

At least I got a sticker!